Social Events

The Center is an event venue grounded in local history and contemporary elegance.

Once the home of the Contemporary Art Center, our space is now living a second incarnation as a venue for celebrating all of life’s best milestones.

The Center’s greatest asset is our flexibility. The contemporary elegance of our space permits any degree of customization; we can help you design your layout, lighting, furniture, décor and refreshments to create exactly the event you envision. Our venue is the perfect canvas on which to create unique parties or banquets such as a bar mitzvah, a retirement party, a New Year’s bash, a nonprofit gala, a Sweetheart Formal, or any other milestone you’re excited to celebrate! And between the convenience and glamour of our downtown location, and the warm, exclusive feel of The Center itself, your guests will treasure the memories they make here.

The Center’s dome room will be the first space your guests enter as they climb our stunning travertine staircase. Showcasing a customizable LED-lit dome that features multiple color and projection options, the dome room will create the engaging atmosphere every social event needs. After greeting your guests, escort them into The Center’s grand ballroom, featuring beautiful, timeless hardwood floors and a picture-perfect view of Fountain Square. Whatever your special occasion may be, The Center’s subtle elegance makes it a seamless spot to mix and mingle in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.

Email or call us today at 513-824-7274 to schedule a viewing.