The Center is a timeless event space located in the Mercantile Building in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.

As the original home of the Contemporary Arts Center, The Center is deeply rooted in design. Every corner of the space is filled with intention, from the high ceilings and unique light fixtures to the shining hardwood floors that reflect them. Against this stunning, 15,000-square-foot backdrop, we will help you construct a tapestry of personal touches that layer together to create an experience unique to your vision. Each event you design can become a shining moment, woven into the fabric of your life— incomparable and unforgettable.


Remnants of The Center’s storied history still remain–as a space designed specifically to show to the best advantage a variety of visual experiences.

Because of its original intent–to display contemporary art for the Cincinnati community–The Center is uniquely equipped to serve as a blank canvas for any event. From their first steps into the grand atrium of the Mercantile Center, your guests will notice a contemporary and upscale environment, with just the hint of history and drama to make your event memorable. The space itself is quiet yet polished, capitalizing on the original architect’s luxe material choices and minimal decor to allow the details of your event to take center stage–so that The Center truly becomes yours.


The Center not only offers tremendous opportunity for custom experiences, but also weaves your event into a piece of Cincinnati history.