Vendor Spotlight – Fitz the Occasion

This week’s segment of Vendor Spotlight features one highly talented and custom draping vendor, Fitz the Occasion. We put together a few questions to ask Kim of Fitz the Occasion about her business and valuable advice to brides on their draping decisions for the big day!

Meet Fitz the Occasion

1. Tell us about Fitz the Occasion. How did the idea for this company come about?

I began working in the event rental industry about 25 years ago as an Event Coordinator/Designer.  While in these roles, I was able to teach myself how to do draping in tents. 11 years ago, I started Fitz the Occasion thinking that I would continue along the path of Event Planning. I found that so many of my former clients were contacting me to drape venues and tents for their events instead of actually planning them. Slowly, I morphed Fitz the Occasion from the planning end of the business, to focus almost exclusively on the decor. Now, I work for so many amazing local planners and their clients! It’s been a blessing as the draping end allows me to work in some of the most exclusive and unique venues in the Cincinnati area. (And I guess that keeping awesome relationships with the Designers and Planners that I love is just an added bonus!)

2. What types of services/packages do you offer clients?

Fitz the Occasion offers custom ceiling and/or backdrop draping, bistro lights, and/or twinkle light installation packages. Every event we do is custom (and completely different!) from the client and their personal style to the venue itself. We work with our clients to customize each and every detail of your personal idea- this includes color and fabric type to total overall, vision.


3. What sets your company apart from other types of custom décor companies?

There are a few things that set FTO apart from anyone else in this field. Above all, our craftsmanship is truly one in a million. Designers and Planners always know that when we’re draping the tents or venues; we purchase new fabric each and every time. There are never wrinkles from fold marks, or dirt from hanging in a tent previously. With the fabric right off the roll, our clients know it will always be pristine. Quality to us is EVERYTHING. Also, we work directly with the client (or their Floral Designer or Event Designer) to execute a look that is exactly what they envisioned. Really, the sky is the limit! I will personally be there to guide a client’s experience and help make their wedding everything they dreamed of and more.

Finally, my staff and their dedication to each client’s event, set us apart. I have the best staff in the world!!! Every venue knows that I (as well as Brynn and Sarah!) will always be onsite for the installation. We are absolutely dedicated to making sure our clients’ events are truly perfect!

4. What is your favorite part about working in the event industry?

From the friendships that I have cultivated in this industry over the years to the venues we work in, there are so many things I love about doing events! I love when a Mother of the Bride from a past event calls me and says she has another daughter getting married and can’t imagine their event without our help and I also love that every event we do is different! We travel all over and have worked at some really amazing places!

5. Do you have any advice to offer clients who want to utilize your services at The Center?

The great thing about The Center is that it’s beautiful as it is!  With no draping, it is a completely blank slate and once you add it, it changes the whole feel! We can use any color without competing with carpeting or wall paper or other existing decor. We can drape the walls to truly reflect a Bride’s vision. We can hang flowing drape from the ceiling or we can create custom, dramatic entry ways. There are so many options! Any color that we work with in the space always works beautifully and each one can make the event look completely different from the one before.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give a client about choosing and designing custom décor for their wedding day?

This is one I tell my clients frequently and it can be a tough one to talk about. As event designers, we value your creativity and truly aspire to be a part of the Wonder-team that makes your event everything you want and more. However, this can be a tricky line to walk. Pinterest and social media are fabulous for inspiring your creativity but sometimes the pictures can be so deceiving. This is can be especially true when it comes to cost. My best advice is to know your budget and be upfront about it. We may not be able to recreate a look exactly, but we can always offer solutions to give you something you love without breaking the bank.

Fitz the Occasion never fails at making The Center space look magnificent! If you want to learn more about Kim and how she, along with her awesome team, can bring your vision to life be sure to visit their Facebook page. We know you’ll love getting to know them as much as we have loved working with them!