Vendor Spotlight – Eat Well

At The Center, we know that deciding on dining options can be a challenge. That’s why we happily provide all of our new clients with the opportunity to browse our list of Preferred Catering options! This week we are spotlighting Eat Well Celebrations and Feasts! Read on to learn more about Eat Well’s story and how they will cook up the perfect dish for your next event!

1. Tell us about Eat Well. How did the idea for this company come about?

Very organically! I had been working and training in New York City in restaurants and catering companies for about five years. Then I moved back home and worked as a chef at a restaurant here locally for three years. I have a double major in Theater and Psychology and had always loved working in the event industry. Especially when I was in New York for the production aspect: the decor, flowers, and the drama of it all. Since catering always felt like a better fit for me, I decided to pursue that path.

2. What types of services/packages do you offer clients?

We offer off-site catering, meaning we do not have a facility or venue that we cater in specifically, but we are able to come to your home, venue or workplace and cook and present food as if you were in a fine dining restaurant. We have a fully trained and very hospitable staff, including bartenders, servers and kitchen staff in addition to offering full service dining experiences (plated/ seated meals, stations, buffet and family style meals). Additionally, we can coordinate the rental of plates, flatware, glassware, and any equipment needed to execute your event beautifully and seamlessly. We are able to help with event planning and coordination and work with florists, valet, and even ice carvers on your behalf.   

3. What sets this company apart from other types of catering companies?

Eat Well is chef owned, and so I bring a lot of menu planning and food expertise to the table (no pun intended)! I have a keen eye to see what works and what does not, what people love and rave about and what they don’t really focus on much. I have a long history in the business and because we don’t have our own venues to book first, we truly value incredible working relationships with our favorite venues. We work especially hard to make sure that we execute events at a higher level than other caterers in the city, so our venues and their clients and staff are impressed and book with us, or refer us again and again. Also, my company is 100% owned by me, a woman. I believe being a woman-owned company brings a unique perspective to events and event planning.  

4. What is your favorite part about working in the event industry?

It is truly such an honor to work in this industry. We have the rare opportunity to be involved with clients on their most important and significant days. Weddings,birthdays, important corporate innovation meetings & conferences are just some of the occasions when clients turn to us. They trust us to take care of their closest friends, family and colleagues, and more importantly they trust us with their memories. We have an opportunity, with the food and service we provide, to make an event not just good but spectacular and memorable. I always say, never underestimate the power of good food. It gets people in the door, elected, over the hump, into each other’s arms and builds camaraderie and community in a way no other forum can. When wedding couples tell me people are still talking about how delicious their wedding reception food was two, four and even ten years later, I am honored and humbled. What an industry to be part of! It is pure joy.

5. Do you have any advice to offer clients who want to utilize your services at The Center?

Eat Well truly enjoys working at the Center for many reasons… The staff at the Center is so easy to work with and so helpful in customizing your event experience. They truly consider the guest experience from start to finish, and commit to working with us to help us provide the best event we possibly can. Additionally, The Center offers a level of comfort that is not found in many venues, from polished and elegant restrooms to chivari style chairs that are included with your rental, and is perfectly situated for many downtown photo opportunities, which are so fun for candid shots.

We have enjoyed shining the spotlight on Eat Well Celebrations and Feasts! Still have a question you can’t wait to ask? Feel free to comment below! Or, for more information on Eat Well’s offerings, we invite you to view their website or their Facebook page.