Fairytale Dresses

Are you a Disney Princess at heart? Then prepare to be swept off your feet because you will fall in love with these dreamy dresses. Australian couture designer, Paolo Sebastian has struck a cord in our hearts with these magically enchanting, fairytale-inspired gowns. Whether your style is like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, or Snow White; this whimsical collection has something for the princess in all of us! 

The label recently presented these 34 stunning dresses to the world as part of the ‘Once Upon A Dream’ Collection at the Adelaide Fashion Festival. Several of the creations are named after known Disney songs. Each gown features unique romantic bodices with exquisite details such as: elegant tulle, hand embroidery, soft lace, and of course, every princess’ need: sparkles! 

Paolo Sebastian’s ‘Once Upon A Dream’ debut at the Adelaide Fashion Festival! Photo by @fenj_

Now without further adieu, here are some of our favorites from the collection. Let’s see which gorgeous gown fits your inner princess! If you are a kind, wise, free-spirited, nature lover, like Pocahontas, you would most likely be drawn to this deep-V, light, and flow-y dress, which reminds us of Grandmother Willow’s magical neck of the woods. This piece even has the words “Colours of the Wind” embroidered with a leaf and wind pattern across the bodice. 

Next, if you describe yourself as cheerful, graceful, and responsible, like Princess Aurora, this elegant light blue and blush dress might just be the one for you! This gown looks as if it was made with magic by our very own fairy godmother! It’s illusion neckline, glittery leaves, and color changing skirt truly exhume elegance and grace.

Like Rapunzel, if you are a mixture of sweet, assertive, possess a passion for life, and an artistic edge, you could probably see yourself wearing this little number! This blush, tulle ballgown has 3D floral embroidery accents over its invisible neckline and nude sleeves. Perfect for the princess who is classy, but knows how to stand out from the crowd! 

Cinderella is humble, soft-spoken, gracious, and optimistic. If you feel most connected to this original princess, you will probably love this blue bombshell! This soft blue, collared gown with ruffle details and hints of shimmer is the answer to a wish our hearts made long ago! Wearing this dress would instantly make any girl feel like Princess Cindy. 

If you are intelligent, loyal, adventurous, and always have your nose buried in a book, you are most similar to Belle! This tulle ballgown with thorn and rose embroidery is a statement piece. The asymmetrical  shoulders and woven lyrics, “Tale as Old as Time” give it a romantic, picturesque feel. You will be the ‘Belle of the Ball’ in this beauty. 

Last, but not least, if you are independent, fun-loving, spontaneous, and ocean obsessed, you probably adore Princess Ariel. This sleeveless, tea-length gown portrays an embroidered underwater scene with coral, starfish, waves, and even the words, “Part of Your World,” inspired by The Little Mermaid’s heartfelt solo wrapped around the skirt. The skirt also has a sheer bottom half to show the faint sight of your legs. In the words of Ariel, you’ll be “walking around on those …what do you call them? Oh- feet!”

To sum it up, these dresses are every Disney fan’s dream come true! These are just a few of our favorites, but you can follow @Paolo_Sebastian on Instagram to view them all and pick yours! Who was your beloved Disney Princess back in the day? Do any of these dresses speak to you? Which one can you envision yourself wearing? Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!