Friday Find; Wedding Crashers

Friday Find; Wedding Crashers

Now these are the types of wedding crashers we would like to see!

What would you do if Maroon 5 crashed your wedding? Personally, I would knock over tables and chairs, spill water glasses, and slam into my guests as I ran to try to get a brief hand shake from Adam Levine. These brides, however, acted a bit more graciously.

Wedding Crashers

Picture provided by E! News

On December 6th, Maroon 5 drove across L.A. and crashed a number of weddings singing their new hit single, “Sugar.” While the focus of this wedding-crashing event was to film footage for their newly-released music video,  the members also took a moment to pose for pictures, congratulate the bride and groom, and sang other popular songs such as “She Will Be Loved” for the guests.

According to E! News, Levine confirmed that only one person in the entire wedding knew of the wedding crashers in order for the band to have a point of contact at the event. What about everyone else? Well the looks on their faces show that they were in sheer shock. I mean who wouldn’t be? It’s People’s 2013 Sexiest Man Alive singing at your wedding! Talk about the happiest day of your life!

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