‘Tis the Season for Winter Weddings

Cold weather is often given a bad reputation. Although we don’t necessarily enjoy the frost biting our nose on the way into work or our inability to texts with our hands paralyzed from the cold, we do love brides’ creativity as they come up with different ways to keep their guests warm. From serving hot chocolate shooters to decorating the tables with tree branches and ornaments, don’t let the thought of cold weather steer you away from having a fall or winter wedding. After all, sweater weather is the best weather.

We’re here to turn to our BFF Pinterest to load you up with cold weather inspiration as we try to take the “no” out of “snow.”  Here are our top five favorite cold weather wedding ideas!

Wedding Pictures

Wedding Boots

1) We’re not going to lie, winter pictures make some of the best pictures! While you might have to stick it out in the cold for a little, it can be worth it to capture that one-of-a-kind shot.  Plus, there is absolute no harm in wearing a gorgeous faux fur coat on your wedding day and boots are adorable no matter what time of the year it is.

Candy Apple Bar

2)A cold weather wedding means getting crafty with your dessert table! Have a s’mores bar where guests can load up on their favorite chocolate, marshmallows  and candies.  Your guests will  be wanting to attend s’more winter weddings after visiting your dessert station.

Halloween may be over, but caramel apples don’t have to be! Make your day more unique by providing a caramel apple bar. Have you ever tried M&M’s or Snickers on a candy apple? You can now!


3) Quilt being cold! Have all your guests sign a quilt in place of the traditional guest book. What’s better then curling up with a cup of hot chocolate with your new hubby while wrapped in a blanket signed by your closest friends and family? If you’re feeling really crafty, cut up some of you and your groom’s old college t- shirts, favorite sports team apparel or favorite band t-shirts and turn it into a quilt to make it truly personalized for your and your Mr. right.


Guest Book

Gloves Favors 2


4)You are able to use the cold weather to your advantage by decorating The Center with so many personal touches. As your guests leave The Center after a great night, have them each grab a pair of gloves on their way out. These can be embroidered with your wedding date and makes for a wedding gift that keeps on giving every winter.


Cake Topper

5)Two words: Cake toppers. The traditional bride and groom on top of the cake is no more. Now adays you are seeing so many different cake toppers, it amazes us how a couple can decide on just one! But if you’re having a wedding where the weather forecast says flurries, then we definitely understand how you can pick this one.

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