Friday Find; Mighty Purse

We admit, we have been really into technology lately. We’re not sure if the release of the iPhone 6  sparked our interest for this Friday Find, or the fact that we are all constantly using the communal office phone charger. Whatever the reasoning may be, this Friday Find is off the hook! Literally, you do not have to hook it into the wall for it to work. World, meet Mighty Purse.


Picture provided by Heidi Schatze Blog

Coming in at roughly $100, this purse charges your phone while you are out and about. Featured on The Today Show and Better Homes and Gardens Gift Guide, this Handbag Butler purse would make for a mighty Holiday present!

According to the Give Simple website, “The Mighty Purse brings fashion and technology together in a chic leather handbag with a removable strap handle that you can carry with ease. It can be used as a clutch to hold all your essential items yet is small enough to fit in your favorite handbag ensuring your phone will always be charged.”

Unlike the charging phone case, these purses are not bulky at all!  Weighing  7.1 ounces, they look like ordinary, adorable clutches one would grab from Target or Forever 21 and wear around downtown.

Picture provided by Give Simple.

This purse’s built-in battery has the capability to charge most smartphones, including Apple, Samsung, and Kindle, just to name a few. The purse’s functionality continues to flourish as it also has pockets for your credit cards, zippers for your loose change and of course, a cable compartment. You are able to recharge your iPhone up to two times before you have to plug your purse in. A helpful LED light will also let you know when your purse is running out of juice.

Similar to the Cuff jewelry, which was our last technology-crazed Friday Find, this purse comes in a number of different styles and colors. From glossy black patent leather to orange pebbled leather, you can purchase a purse that goes along with any outfit! Visit it’s website to purchase your Mighty Purse today!

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