Friday Find; Smart Jewelry

We hear it all the time; you not only want to make sure your wedding day reflects you and your groom, but you also want to make sure your guests and bridal party have a good time as well! Well one way to show them a great time is by giving them a great gift! Your bridal party is there for you every step of the way to your walk down the aisle. They may help you pick out your wedding dress or possibly help throw you an amazing bridal shower. These are the girls that you want to stand by your side as you marry the man of your dreams. Let them know how special they are by providing them with a gift that keeps on giving. Such as smart jewelry!

Featured in Elle Magazine, the New York Times and Good Morning America, Smart Jewelry is making it’s way to the top. Cuff, the latest in smart jewelry, provides a tiny piece of technology, called a CuffLinc, that is able to fit in special bracelets and necklaces.  This allows the piece of jewelry to vibrate whenever you receive a text or call.  This way you are able to keep your phone in your purse and still know when you have received a message. The Cuff Jewelry will also vibrate rapidly if you have left your phone behind while you are out, whether you left it at a restaurant, store, or your home.

Not only will you never miss an important call/text or misplace your phone again, but there are also important safety and health features incorporated in this jewelry. Cuff is able to monitor your movements and keeps you aware of how active you are throughout the day. By downloading the Cuff app on your iOS 7 or Android device, you are able to set personalized fitness goals.  Working with you as your own health coach to achieve these goals, Cuff allows you to import your calorie intake on the app. It will then tell you how many of those calories you have burned off by keeping track of how many steps you take in a day.

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One of the most benefiting aspects of this newest technology is its safety feature. If you are ever in a threatening situation, you can simply tap your cuff and it will send an alert to a selected few of your contacts to notify them that you are in danger. It will provide your emergency contacts with your location, along with audio of what is happening at the scene.

While you might imagine that this jewelry isn’t the most appealing to the eye, it’s quite the contrary. Cuff’s device fits into fashionable pieces of jewelry that you are able to wear in any situation, whether you’re spending a night out on the town or you’re lounging around at home. Heck, we would even wear these pieces without the cuff technology — they are that cute!

Once you are finished wearing one piece of jewelry, charge your CuffLinc, and then place it in the next piece of jewelry the following day. A charge on the CuffLink can last for 7 days so you will never have to worry about charging it every single night. Although, you might want to as the charger is located in Cuff’s cute jewelry box where you can store your additional Cuff pieces.

Show your bridesmaids just how much you care about them by giving them a gift that is not only adorable, but helps them throughout their day! Plus with this jewelry an emergency wedding meeting is only a buzz away. 🙂



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