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As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, we also welcome our new blog segment! With our “Fall in love…” posts, we hope to share vendor news, event decor inspiration, and pure wedding bliss to our lovely readers that we guarantee you will fall head over heels for! So come with us as we fall in love with… Streetpops!


Not your average Popsicle, Streetpops are made from fresh and natural ingredients; so you can feel good (and not guilty) about that after supper sweet you’ve been craving. According to their website, “Streetpops are always made with fresh fruit and herbs, use local and organic ingredients whenever possible and never include anything you can’t pronounce, unless you have trouble with ‘cardamom’.” In other words, so long high-fructose corn syrup; you will not be missed!

We got the chance to speak with the owner of Streetpops, Sara Bornick, to find out what makes this snack go from an ordinary ice pop to a unique and healthy treat!


After being in the graphic design field for 10 years, Sara decided to go to culinary school to follow her dream of opening her own artisan ice cream shop. However, in Cincinnati the ice cream competition is fierce, as you can tell from occasionally seeing 3 different ice cream shops on the same street. “I was really searching for a unique way to bring frozen desserts to the market, while still being mindful of healthy artisan ingredients,” Sara spilled. And just like that, Streetpops was born!

What truly makes this healthy treat so unique is not only the fact that it’s well.. healthy, but also because of the array of flavors they offer. From kettle corn, to avocado, to apple pie and hibiscus mint (no, we’re not joking - these arStreetpop Flavors e real flavors), there is something for everyone at Streetpops. Including those folks with a spicy tooth, featuring pops including cucumber jalapeno, pineapple habanero and chocolate chili pepper.

So how does Sara get her inspiration for these out-of-the-box flavors? By doing what other great chefs do, travel. “I love to travel and I am always visiting markets and grocery stores and restaurants off the beaten path wherever I go. Many of the pops are inspired by cocktails I’ve had as well.” Bring on the Bloody Mary Streetpop, Sara! Am i right?

Speaking of Bloddy Mary’s, Streetpops aren’t made just to be eaten, they are also fun to put in cocktails! Sara’s personal favorite is the lemon lavender flavor in gin or vodka or the papaya rosemary flavor in tequila. The Center recently put on an event for our bridal and corporate clients, and we offered the pear flavored Streetpop in champagne and let me tell you, it was delish.

If you’re interested in offering Streetpops at your next event, contact Sara at sara@streetpops.com or check out there website: http://www.streetpops.com/. Streetpops are perfect for all types of events; including birthday parties, pool parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduation parties and of course, weddings!

Pictures are provided by Streetpops.




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  1. holly may

    wonderful post, hope the pops we delivered the other week went down well! poptails are where it’s at! thanks again!

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