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Living in the digital age where text is more popular than talk, creating a wedding website is a fairly common planning technique. Knowing what to include on this website, however, is a whole other story. For example, if you’re having a break in between your ceremony and reception it may be a good idea to lists spots where your guests can go to kill time. Or if you are having a destination wedding, the website would be the go-to resources for great hotels in that area.

Alyssa & Ronnie

The Knot‘s Complete Guide to Weddings goes into detail about everything the bride and groom should include on this handy dandy wedding tool and we are here to pass this knowledge onto you. You can thank us later when your guests are telling you how helpful your wedding website is!

The Knot

While it’s pretty much common sense to know to include your ceremony and reception venue on the website, there is some less obvious information you will need to include so you don’t leave guests saying, “huh?” Here are a couple of our favorites:

  • Include a picture of you two on the very first page of the website. Although this is a fun step every couple usually doesn’t miss, most don’t realize the importance of this picture. This lets your guests know they are on the right “Emily and Johnny” site!
  • If you are having a lot of out of town guests, be sure to include nearby airports and airlines. To go one step farther,  include directions from the airport to the hotel in which you blocked rooms.
  • Let your guests know the dress code of the event. Don’t be embarrassed by Uncle Joe’s jeans and sneakers look, make sure your friends and family know right away what is appropriate. For those out-of-towners, let your guests in on how the weather typically acts in your wedding location. Is it usually muggy? Does it get really cold at night? Is there a high chance of mosquitoes biting, if it’s by a lake? Don’t let there be any unwanted surprises for your guests.
  • Lastly, the wedding website doesn’t just have to focus on the big day. This is also a great reference to provide details about your bridal shower, engagement party, or any other wedding related events you are meaning to plan. Let your website be your one-stop wedding shop!

Pick up The Knot’s Complete Guide to Weddings to find out what else you should include when creating your wedding website! The Knot also offers a ton of different templates to help you start creating your free website. No need to dread this now necessary step in the wedding planning phase!


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