Wedding Tips from a Venue

As a venue, we are often one of the first vendors brides visit when tackling their wedding planning to-do list. Therefore, we see a large portion of the planning that goes into creating the day every girl has been talking about since she tried on her very first Disney Princess dress. In other words, we see the steps that are oftentimes forgotten. Read our helpful wedding tips to make sure you don’t forget about these overlooked steps in the planning process. 



  • Wedding Tip 1: Don’t forget about teardown! While the majority of your attention is going towards the setup, don’t forget that all those DIY center pieces,  votives, and hand-painted flower petals will need to be taken down. Being a venue, we see a lot of items left behind. We have been home to leftover linens, table numbers, vases, pictures, and so on. While you are creating your event schedule, also be sure to create a setup and teardown schedule. It might not be a bad idea to call your caterer or rental company to make sure they picked up all the linens and other items they brought with them. If anything was left behind, this may be an additional charge to you!
  • Wedding Tip 2: Going hand-in-hand with our first piece of advise, make sure to assign a pickup team for the night of, or days following, your event. A few days after your wedding you are going to be relaxing on a tropical island somewhere with your toes in the sand, give the pick up task to a family member or close friend who will make sure to stop by The Center to pick up any remaining decor, food, etc. that was leftover.

Escort Cards

  • Wedding Tip 3: Even at a wedding, bartenders are oftentimes required to check  IDs before serving. So don’t forget to have your guests, especially your bridal party, bring their IDs. Along with this, if you aren’t planning for the party to stop after The Center‘s doors close, make sure you have your wallet and a change of shoes handy so you can hit the local bars downtown.
  • Wedding Tip 4: What about the flowers? Since so much money is going towards the flowers, it is such a waste to see them left behind. Pass these arrangements around to grandmas, grandpas or close friends. You can even donate the leftover flowers to a local nursing home or to the local Ronald McDonald House.


  • Wedding Tip 5: Assign a bridesmaid or a family member to sneak the card box and any gifts away to your nearby hotel room once dancing starts. If you aren’t staying at a local hotel, don’t be alarmed; The Center has plenty of  rooms that can be locked to keep your gifts and personal items safe.
  • Wedding Tip 6: Don’t forget the cake cutter (& special toasting flutes)! Not only do you want to make sure your catering staff has the proper equipment to serve the cake, you also want to continue to use this cutter throughout the years of your marriage.
  • Wedding Tip 7The Center encourages hiring a planning or day-of coordinator. Trust us, this will allow you to relax and enjoy your big day instead of running around making sure the coffee table is setup at the correct time.

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