Friday Find: Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight

Yes, this is a real show and yes, I watched every minute of it. On Tuesday, July 8 at 9pm, I took part in watching one of the most ridiculously awkward, yet entertaining shows ever. I’m talking, when an individual marries a complete stranger.

Married at First Sight

The new reality TV show, Married at First Sight, is about singles who are looking for love. Sounds typical, right? Wrong… so very, very wrong. In this scientific matchmaking experiment, six contestants undergo intense interview processes with several relationship experts; including a sexologist, spiritualist, psychologist and sociologist.

By the singles creating an online portfolio, allowing the experts to conduct field visits at their homes, and spending hours at a time filling out a questionnaire (no kidding, one contestant spent six hours filling this thing out), the experts hope to narrow down the 625 potential matches into three perfect couples.

But get this, the first time they meet their other half is when they are walking down the aisle. Yes, they all agreed to legally marry their scientific match the very first time they meet them. Disaster? Maybe. Trainwreck? Possibly. Great TV? Absolutely!

Since we all know our obsession with The Bachelor, we are just going to throw in that one of the contestants is a Bachelor alum, Jamie Otis.

Married at First Sight

Of course Jamie’s match doesn’t know it’s her until she’s walking down a rose-petal walkway in a big, white gown. The contestants don’t even know their partner’s name until the day they say I do! Once married, the show follows them for the first four weeks of living together as newlyweds; it is then when the couple has to decide if they are going to remain married or if they are going to get a divorce.

Mad you missed the first episode? You can read the recap here. Although I missed this past week’s episode (don’t worry I TiVoed it), I can only imagine it was just as odd and entertaining as the last! Don’t miss the third episode of the series next Tuesday on FYI!

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