Friday Find: Capturing the Moment

We are betting a pretty penny that Lindsey Crouch and Tae Cho of Knoxville, Tennessee are ecstatic to have crossed paths with photographer, Heather Swanner. Swanner of Birmingham, Alabama was strolling the beach after finishing a photography session when she stumbled upon a huge moment in Lindsey and Tae’s lives.

Photo by Heather Swanner

Photo by Heather Swanner

Swanner witnessed Tae drop to his knee to propose to his girlfriend. After seeing their family hiding behind some bushes, hoping not to spoil the moment, Swanner decided to continue on without taking any further pictures.

After getting home and viewing the proofs, Swanner realized how great of a photo she had on her hands and turned to Facebook to find the two love birds. 589 likes and 386 shares later, the picture made it’s way to Lindsey and Tae who could haven’t been more excited to have a photo of this precious moment. 


To read more about this lovely couple, click hereCongratulations to Lindsey and Tae!

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