Vendor Spotlight: Capstory

You may remember a certain past Bachelorette’s engagement party we were obsessed with a few weeks back. After tweeting, blogging and instagraming about this extravagant affair, we were approached by the company who put it all together.


Meet Capstory, a photography company that allows guests to send in pictures taken throughout the bride and groom’s wedding process via text. These pictures are then stored in a capsule, which are later edited and polished to create a post-wedding slideshow and a photo keepsake book. One of the coolest things about Capstory? These pictures submitted by friends and family can be projected on a live slideshow at the reception!

In the words of Capstory, “every guests’ perspectives of your love story will be captured and submitted.” And in the words of our BFF, Des, “When your maid-of-honor snaps photos of you getting ready, laughing, crying, hugging family, and enjoying your special day, you will want to see those moments.”

We had the chance to sit down and talk with Dustin Studer, Co-Founder of this growing company, to find out more about what Capstory does and how it worked it’s way to Desiree Hartsock. Check out our Q&A sesh!

Tell us a little bit about Capstory. How did the idea for this company come about?

Capstory started after we heard over and over the stories of brides wishing they had more photos from their wedding and, especially, all the events and moments leading up to that day. We’ve built a simple-to-use way for family, friends and guests to submit all their photos into one private place for other guests and the couple to enjoy. We like to think of it as capturing the story behind the story. We love working with pro photographers to get all the candids that they may miss and to collect the unique perspectives of loved ones.

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What types of services/packages do you offer brides?

Currently, we offer one all-inclusive package for brides ($495). This package includes: a private webpage where guest content is uploaded, professional retouching of the best 120 images, 2 keepsake photo books and a video slideshow recapping the events of the wedding journey. Most exciting for brides, we include a live stream option in the capsule — any computer hooked up to a projector or TV at the reception will show guest photos being sent in real-time! Interested brides can contact us for custom package pricing if they would like to vary these options.

What sets this company apart from any other type of photography/Photo booth company?
Capstory is based off of text-messaging, we are not another smart phone app. When your guests arrive at your wedding celebration, there is nothing for them to sign up for, nothing for them to download. As long as they know how to send a text message on their phone, they can easily share their pictures into your capsule’s unique texting address (the private webpage where your pictures end up). Capstory is an excellent compliment to professional photography allowing couples to get photos from those events when the photographer isn’t around (rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, dress fittings, cake tastings, etc.). This way they can capture the entire wedding journey, not just the photos from the one day.

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So far, what has been your favorite part about working weddings?
The best part of working weddings is knowing that Capstory gets to enhance such a special day of our clients’ lives. Our brides love Capstory, and getting to hear that feedback of how awesome this was at their event keeps us coming back to work every morning.

Any additional information you’d like our readers to know about your company?
Aside from our mentions in People Magazine and from ABC’s Bachelorette, we’re proud that brides can ask any of our past clients and get a great feeling for what Capstory adds to the wedding experience. If brides have any questions about Capstory, they can contact our team at “hello@capstory.em“. We’re excited to work together with The Center to host and remember some amazing weddings to come!

Thanks, Dustin. We’re excited too! To learn more visit their website at, call them at 614-416-8010, or email them.

Photos provided by Carla Ten Eyck.

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