Friday Find: How to…

Yes, we know Opening Day was a little over a month ago but we are still obsessing over our Opening Day Viewing Party! The flowers, the food, the décor, EVERYTHING was great! And as our treat to you, we wanted to show you how to create your very own Pinterest-inspired baseball center pieces. Batter up!

Center Pieces
  • It all starts with an empty, square vase. The Flowerman donated these vases to us and we couldn’t be more appreciative! The vases we used were 5×5 but feel free to make them as big (or small) as you’d like.
  • Fill the vase halfway with peanuts. These can be found at your local Sam’s Club or Walmart.
  • Cut a portion of turf into a square to fit your vase. While you may be able to buy turf at Home Depot, we purchased ours from a past bride and groom! They used the display (pictured below) for their escort cards arrangement. We love staying connected with The Center’s previous brides and grooms and buying this turf from them was a great way to catch up. Thanks, Alex and Tom!
  • You can then use a hot glue gun or masking tape to place a ribbon in between the peanuts and the beginning of the turf. This hides where the peanuts stop and where the turf begins.
  • Lastly, place a baseball on top of the turf and there you have it! A home run for the baseball-loving bride!

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