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While stepping into our 15,000 square-foot, hardwood-floors, blank-walls venue, one may get a bit overwhelmed; there’s a lot of ground to cover! To utilize this space, most brides envision their reception taking place in our Ballroom, with a cocktail hour in our Dome Room. However, this isn’t the only set-up option available. We want brides to remember that The Center can host your ceremony as well! By providing you with a number of different ceremony set-up possibilities, we’re hoping to show how you can transform our space into a one-stop ceremony & reception shop! 

*Note* These drawings are not to scale! Although, I am impressed with my Paint skills.*

First up, the Dome Room:

Ceremony in Dome Room 3
 Just to clarify, the blue dots are chairs and the black square is where the bridge and groom will say “I Do.” This set up can be used if you would like to have a smaller, more intimate wedding. The smaller size of the Dome Room makes a ceremony really personal. One past bride (shown above) brought in a riser for her and her groom to stand on so her guests could get a better view of her perfect day. She was then able to enter through The Center’s main double doors for her grand entrance.


Ceremony in Dome Room 2

Utilizing the Dome Room in this way allows the bride to fit more guests comfortably. This is for those who still want an intimate ceremony, yet invited more guests. The bride will then be able to enter from one of our side rooms to walk down the aisle. 

Now, the Ballroom:

The Center

Ceremony in the Ballroom 1

For the bride who wants to incorporate downtown Cincinnati into her wedding ceremony, walking down the aisle toward our huge window that looks out to Fountain Square would be the perfect place for you! If you’re not so much a fan of the city, but want your ceremony to be overflowing with natural light; then use a floral arrangement to block the city view (shown above) and call it a day!

Ceremoney in the Ballroom 2

Or have your bride and groom be The Center of attention by having your ceremony right smack dap in the middle of the Ballroom. By draping off a section of the space, you are able to have a portion of your reception room already set and ready to go! That way, all you have to do after the ceremony is escort your guests to the Dome Room for cocktail hour and have your event planner move everything out from behind the draping to flip the space into a gorgeous reception venue!

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