Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Top O’ The Morning (or afternoon) to Ya! To celebrate this holiday, we are providing you with some St. Paddy’s Day wedding facts you might not be too familiar with! 


  • Unless it falls on a Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day is considered the luckiest day of the year to get married. According to Irish proverb, Saturday is the worst day of the week to get married.
  • The traditional Irish bride wore a blue wedding dress instead of white. Blue was a symbol of purity in ancient times. As odd as it may seem, it is considered bad luck for the bride to wear green, as it is thought to entice the fairies.
  • It was common for Irish brides to wear their hair in braids, with a ribbon or lace woven through the hairdo. Braided hair is an ancient Irish symbol of feminine power and luck.


  • The Claddagh Ring is the traditional Irish wedding ring. It is a heart held by two hands with the heart topped by a crown. The hands represent faith, the crown symbolizes honor and the heart signifies love.
  • Taking matter into her own hands, St. Bridget proposed to St. Patrick after complaining that girls were tired of waiting for marriage proposals from men, according to legend.

Claddagh Ring

Tying the Knot

  • The phrase “tying the knot” comes from an Ireland Celtic tradition, in which a man and women hold the hands of the other and wind a ribbon over the top of wrist and under the other, creating the infinity symbol.
  • Giving a bell as a wedding gift is an Irish traditional that says the chime of the bell keeps evil spirits away and remind the married couple of their wedding vows. Today, many Irish brides will pass out bells to guests for them to ring when the bride and groom are “tying the knot”.

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