Friday Find

We have been obsessing over past bachelorette Desiree Hartsock’s engagement party all week! Her party was overflowing with elegance, with a dash of rustic charm.  As our treat to you, we decided to put together a couple of our favorite pieces from the night! You’re welcome, reality TV lovers!

Loung Seating

Name Cards

Table Setting



How awesome would these vintage furniture pieces look in The Center?? It would really bring our ballroom to life! We have our fingers crossed that Des will choose The Center for her reception (After much time spent stalking her blog, we discovered her parent’s live in Ohio, so it could happen!) 

This extravagant event was put on by Capstory. See the rest of the pictures by visiting Desiree Hartsock’s blog!

Added Note* Desiree favorited the tweet we posted about this! No, I am currently not screenshotting it and sending it to all my friends. 😉

Pictures credited to Desiree Hartock’s blog and Carla Ten Eyck Photography. 

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